Holistic coaching sounds like a coaching service specializing in health, however, SmartZen’s holistic coaching program is much more than that. The word ‘holistic’ originates from the word ‘whole’ and it is from the thought of viewing our body, soul, and mind as one.

We now know so much more about the relationships between our body and mind and how the status of each relates to one another and they can’t be treated separately.  What we think of our physical body is in fact a mass of vibrating energy.


Dealing with the cause, not the symptoms

Unless we tackle the real cause of our issues of why we find it hard to achieve better results in each area of our lives, we would not be able to make any significant changes. For example, just telling yourself to be more productive or being a better manager does not change your results because there is underlying reasons within your subconscious that have been in your way. The program reaches a deeper level of understanding and actually helps to make changes within in order for the transformation to happen.

All areas of your life work in harmony

We often feel unhappy, down or depressed when what we want to do and what we have to do are in conflict. In the East, when an illness or dysfunction occurs in your body, we consider it may be the result of something which at first seems unrelated. That is the basis of how Eastern medicine practices. SmartZen program ensures that your life is viewed as a whole so that the individual components of your life are working together for the common goal.

The focus is on being in tune with the universal energy

Often referred to as universal life force, ‘ki’ (sometimes spelt as ‘qi’ or ‘chi’) is present in everything.  This energy is used in healing as well as in Eastern martial art practice. There is no need for stress, panic or pain. SmartZen program teaches you to understands the existence of the abundance of energy and channeling it in a correct way and how it is beneficial both to your well-being as well as to bring prosperity in your life.

More relevant in the current world

In Japan, while the traditional value is cherished and respected, we do not get stuck in the past. In the fast-moving world, where everything seems to happen instantly, people in Japan have learnt to adapt and live in parallel to the moving society while maintaining true core identity. SmartZen program values your authentic self and teaches that through your self-discovery, how you can lead a more fulfilling and rewarding life.  Your new insight will be both on the present and your legacy, which will help and inspire others and future generations.

Emotional and mental preparation for the future

One of the biggest problems of our society now is dealing with the gaps between the perfectly organised and successful world full of beauty and love and the reality of the imperfect and fluid situation we live in. Instead of allowing yourself to be influenced by other’s opinions and successes, learning to get back to the basics of being in peace with yourself and living simply is the most important skill of the coming future. Living simply does not mean living life in poverty, scarcity or, lack. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Living simply means the skills to enjoy the world of abundance and richness while not relying on external materials and excessiveness.