If you have read the best selling book, Outlive, The Science & Art of Longevity, written by Dr. Peter Attia, aka ‘life extension doctor’, you already know that we need a new approach to better health and longevity.

In his book, Dr Attia explains that only 25-30% of our gene makeup is responsible for determining our own lifespan and through our behaviour, there is a good possibility we can outlive our own life expectancy.

He also encourages us to adopt a strategic approach, changing our thinking from ‘finding a good doctor to cure the disease when something goes wrong with us’ to ‘let’s make sure we are doing everything we can, if not to prevent, but to minimise the risk of developing age-related diseases’. 

Because we are not just talking about extending our lifespan, we are talking about extending our HEALTH SPAN.

Who wants to live longer if you are no longer strong enough or too ill to do the things you have been enjoying?


Many people take their health for granted, thinking it will last and only when we receive a warning from a doctor, we might change.

In the U.K., I don’t think our healthcare system is equipped for a preventative approach which is why I believe it is better to get in the driving seat of our own health journey and start looking after our own body and mind.


Live Younger Longer Better