We live in a world of vast choices. We get bombarded with new products and methods from left to right, up and down on social media where everyone is claiming that their stuff is the best.
When you think you have found something that looks good, you might check to see the comments on posts and reviews online. One wonders whether any of those are genuine or just written by a bot.
When it comes to products relating to health and wellness, if a product is claiming to do certain things to your body such as wound healing or anti-ageing, always look for the evidence, not just testimonials on the internet.
Lifewave is a company that does not hide behind hype or clever marketing campaigns.

#1: 90+ Clinical Studies

Lifewave products are backed by more than 90 independent studies conducted at world-class universities and research institutions, our unmatched health technology improves and extends lives. Read the summary of the clinical studies here.

#2: Patented Technology

Lifewave’s founder and inventor, David Schmidt, holds over 130 patents. Do you know anyone else who holds this many patents, let alone one?

#3: Community of Doctors and Health Practitioners

We have many professional health practitioners in our community. Even though Lifewave products are recognised as natural and non-invasive phototherapy, doctors and practitioners with extensive knowledge in human science are also excited about how Lifewave technology is helping people globally.

Dr Harmon and Dr Staci Explain better

Watch the call with Dr Jon Harmon hosted by Dr Staci Holweger dives deep into the technology and Lifewave’s research into copper peptide from the perspective of health professionals including details on brain mapping research. He explains in layperson’s terms, not only the effects of age reversal but also talks about how conditions such as ADD, ADHD, Asperger and autism are affected.
Dr Staci covers patches X39, Alavida*, and X49.
*Alavida may not be available in your country.

#4: Testimony from real people

Getting testimonials from actual users of products is valuable for any business but how often do you see people giving live testimony willingly on a video broadcast? Check some of the recordings of testimonies from real people on this Youtube channel.

If you have any questions or would like to purchase the product, please click here or email me at support@smartzen.org.

If you are on medication, always consult your own doctor.