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Conscious Living

Reviewed and Checked

We select products that meet the following checks;



Products are sustainable either for their materials being re-usable or in the way they are produced.



Products that encourage restoration of earth’s  biodiversity and protects nature through our activities.


Less Waste

Products that minimize unnecessary waste including single use plastics.



Only products that have received with 4 Star  or more reviews and feedback by Amazon customers are chosen to be included.

Eco-Friendly Gifts

Encourage Others To Live Consciously

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Do Your Bit For The Earth

By switching products that you use regularly to products sold here, you will be making valuable contributions to reduce plastic wastes and chemical pollutions.


Million Tons of Plastic Waste Per Year

Billion Plastic Bags Per Year

Million Tons of Synthetic Microfibres in Our Environment

Protect Maldives


Choosing sustainable products does not mean a life of scarcity. Actually we believe in living abundantly without harming others… including the biodiversity of the planet.

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