ABC of Goal Setting For Phenomenal Results




A short program in setting the right goals for achieving phenomenal results. One of the reasons people get stuck in life or don’t get the results they desire is because they simply don’t have any goals or don’t know how to set the right ones.

Goal setting is the foundation of creating a life that is truly fulfilling. This is not just about setting financial goals such as increasing income or buying a new car. This is about a vision and purpose for your future and for your life to be filled with purpose and meaning. When you set the right goals and start moving towards them, what you need in order to achieve them will come to you. Money, good health and love will then naturally follow because you will begin to create the right environment for them to be manifested.

The course will teach you how to separate different types of goals and how not to waste your time and energy with the wrong ones. This course is also the first lesson of Thinking into Results and can be used as a taster course for the powerful step-by-step life transformation program; SmartZen Formula.

One-to-One 50 min Q & A call with Yumi.


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