Hosted by Bhimi and Amy 

Dec 15 2021

There are three more amazing stories of people who started using the wellness patch. 

Elaine – 83 yrs young//8 months X39 ONLY
– 7yrs Myasthenia Gravis ( incurable autoimmune weak muscle disease)
– Not able to chew food only soft veggies and rice
– Not able to open eyes, only if scotch taped open
– Not able to walk more than 3 steps
– Double vision
– Heavy meds 35mg pregnazone daily and more
– ALL CONDITIONS REVERSED…down to 2.5mg pregnazone
– Friend Geri had kidney failure and lung cancer …2.5 months X39 REVERSED KIDNEY failure gone…cancer 50% better
– 15 yr old Blind dog in 3 days REVERSE blindness

Ben 57yrs
– Sciatica, severe back pain, hard to walk
– In 3 days pain is gone after years of suffering!!
– Numbness in knees gone after 30 years!
– More Energy/Better mental clarity
– Lost 30 lbs/ increased mobility in outdoor activities

Kathy – 4 months X39
– Neuropathy, Diabetic, Fibromyalgia
– Off 15 Medications including insulin, cholesterol, and Blood Pressure medication.